Here’s Why You Need Music Stickers In Your Life

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In this day and age, music is an integral part of our culture. It provides a common language for people who live in different countries and creates a network of like-minded individuals. This is where stickers come in as many creative people use them to show off their unique language worldwide. Decorative music stickers can be found in many places from guitars, home appliances, household attributes, musical instruments to computers and other electronics. Adhesive music decals have also become quite popular not only among adults but among teenagers as well!

Music decor stickers are very diverse: they can be funny or serious. Their style varies depending on the region where you live. It’s easy to find music sticker decor that fits your personal taste. If you aren’t really interested in music, many sticker decor manufacturers produce stickers that can be used as a visual background for your conversations on social media websites. For example, the sticker set entitled “Mix Tape” includes a variety of colourful stickers with cassette tapes and album covers — perfect for your Facebook or Twitter profile photo! Another interesting music sticker decor set is “DJ Decks”, containing images of DJ equipment that are ready to be used on your computer.

Although music decals can be placed anywhere, they’re especially popular in the following 12 places: 1) Your phone 2) Your laptop 3) Your tablet 4) Your TV 5)Electric household appliances 6) Kitchen appliances 7) Laptop case 8) Guitar case 9)Speaker 10) Car radio/speakers 11) Free space on the walls and doors 12) Instruments. If you choose to decorate your TV screen and laptop, we recommend that you use the same music decor stickers — this will create a fluent design! When it comes to household appliances, however, it’s best to choose contrasting music decals. For example, if you have a red phone with black details and you decorate it with the “DJ Decks” sticker set, we recommend that you use a colourful music sticker decor such as “Mix Tape” for your laptop or tablet. This will avoid creating an excessive contrast.

If you’re searching for music sticker decor that fits well with your furniture, we recommend that you look up the following brands: Kikkerland, Stickerbrand or Bumblebee Linen (especially because they not only produce stickers but also posters). These companies manufacture decals in various styles and sizes, making it easy to find a sticker decor that suits your preferences and interior design. If you’re still uncertain about which music decor stickers you should buy, use Google Images to identify what other people have bought in the past. If you post a picture of your newly decorated flat on Facebook or Instagram, chances are that someone might suggest you a specific product!

The chiptune music decor sticker set entitled “Mix Tape” is one of the most popular designs on Stickerbrand. Chiptune (chip music) refers to electronic music that’s composed entirely of synthesized video game sounds or sampled from old video games. The Mix Tape design combines elements of old cassette tapes with more modern symbols, such as the cassette player itself! If you like this music decor set, but prefer to decorate your phone with cute stickers instead of funny ones, check out the sticker pack entitled “Cutie Cassette” (by Stickerbrand). It’s almost identical to Mix Tape, but instead of old tape decks and cassette tapes, it contains images of cute kittens wearing headphones. For those who want to decorate their laptop, tablet or TV with something more subtle, we recommend the “DJ Decks” music sticker decor set (by Kikkerland). Similar to Mix Tape and Cutie Cassette, this design also contains pictures of cassette players and albums — but it’s much simpler!

For decorating your appliances and car radio with simple music stickers but aren’t a fan of this particular design, we recommend that you look up Bumblebee Linen. They produce tons of original sticker decor for various purposes (including music stickers). An example here is, if you’re looking for a set that contains only cassette tapes and album covers, check out their “Tape” sticker decor. Unlike Kikkerland’s music decor stickers sets, this one was not inspired by video games — instead, it contains designs that were inspired by real cassette tapes!  If you can’t find a suitable design on Bumblebee Linen, we recommend that you explore the rest of their music sticker decor sets. They have tons of designs that were made exclusively for the purpose of decorating your devices!

And if you don’t own a TV or a car radio, you can also choose to decorate your mobile phone with music stickers. Whether you search online or visit a local store, you’ll find dozens of music decals at a relatively low price. You can also find music stickers online, we recommend that you look up the following brands: Stickerbrand, Kikkerland or Fujiyama Japanese Food Decor (for their cute designs). All three companies produce decals in various styles and sizes, making it easy to find a sticker decor that suits your preferences and interior design. For example, if you like the “DJ Decks” music decor stickers but don’t want your phone to contain too many images, we recommend that you look up Stickerbrand’s “Mix Tape” decal pack (that contains more refined designs). And for funny music stickers than elegant ones, look up Kikkerland’s “Chiptune Mix” decal pack. This music sticker decor set includes drawings of cassette players and square-shaped tapes!

If you don’t have a phone or an iPod, you can also decorate your laptop with original music decals. Just like music stickers for phones, laptop stickers are also available online (and in some retail stores). For example, Stickerbrand’s “Tape” music decal collection is perfect for decorating laptops. If you like this design but don’t want your laptop to look too old-fashioned, we recommend that you search the internet for current sticker packs. There are dozens of different designs that include cassette tapes, player decals and tape albums! And if you’re more interested in decorating your TV or tablet with music stickers, visit the website of one of the previously mentioned companies. You’ll find dozens of designs that resemble old cassette players or modern MP3 players (with touch screens). For more details, just visit:

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