Heyden Entertainment Enters Public Eye with Debut Summer Mix by DJ Ibbie

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Heyden Entertainment

Heyden Petroleum is set to enter the showbiz world with a subsidiary known as Heyden Entertainment set to launch. At the helm of affairs on the entertainment side shall be Heyden Petroleum Director, Gbemiga Abiodun and his younger brother, Tobi.

With debates around Wizkid and Davido and the need to alter sounds to pander to international markets versus the choice to remain true to one’s sound and force the world to accept it, the company intends on centering itself on establishing a connection between Nigerian artists and their foreign counterparts.

Coming with the experience of DJ Olu as the owner of Vapors, Heyden shall also dive headlong into the event planning scene with focus on after parties and concerts similar to many of those from December 2016.

Heyden Entertainment shall focus on the 20 to 26 demographic and hopes to deliver an end of year concert that directly feeds its mission. Ahead of that however, they enter the public eye with the release of their first Summer 17 mix featuring DJ Ibbie with plans to follow up with further volumes in the near future. On the debut episode, DJ Ibbie transitions from one 2017 hit to another featuring tracks like Magnolia, I’m the One, Fall, Good Time, Wild Thoughts, Heartbreak Kid, Unforgettable, Maradona and more.




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