Apex Village Puts Abuja On The Map with All-Inclusive EP

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Apex Village, home to some of Abuja’s most renowned hip-hop acts in PsychoYP, Zilla Oaks, Ayüü, Kuddi is Dead, Marv OTM, AarTheUnruly and Pablo Herbs, make their official introduction sharing great music that should set them apart and put their city on the map with debut EP; Welcome To The Ville.

Welcome To The Ville is an 8-track EP which kicks off with a heavy start in Track 1 (W.T.T.V), a pacesetter that provides a culinary arrangement of instruments that will leave its listeners wanting more from the collective. With it’s groovy bass and guitar placements alongside prominent kicks that keep you bouncing your head to the beat throughout while enjoying the flow and switch up of each act’s delivery, the group exposes their intent for the entire project.

The Welcome To The Ville EP credits 11 notable producers with distinct production styles in Nigerian hip-hop scene and follows through by maintaining impressive musicality that makes the group strong contenders for hip-hop sensation in our industry. Stream the EP below.

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