Single on Valentine’s Day? Here Are 7 Things You Should Do For Fun

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Valentine is a day that has been taken over by couples which often leaves single people feeling left out but that does not have to be the case this year. Fun fact: Valentine can be whatever you want it to be! Let go of that ‘Valentine’s Day=Couple’s Day’ train of thought because being single on the ‘white and red’ day of love isn’t half as bad or awful as people make it out to be. Want to create interesting moments and fun memories to keep yourself company while basking in ‘self-love’? Here are seven great ideas for you because you deserve maximum fun on this special holiday:

Enjoy Your Favourite Meal 

Never underestimate how much food can bring you, especially once you consider a personal favourite. It’s Valentine’s day, a day of love, so why not get yourself into the kitchen and make yourself that amazing meal that only you know how to prepare to your satisfaction? Cooking can be an awesome form of self-care and love. Your body totally deserves all that nourishment and flavour from all your favourite ingredients and spices. Jam that song that you love to give you good vibes, sip some fine wine and simply enjoy making yourself that meal that you love. You can also order in and have a fun time.

Set Up A Movie Date Just For You

Everyone loves a good movie date, so why not treat yourself to one? There are definitely new movies showing on streaming platforms or at the cinemas. Go for it! Throw on that nice dress, get yourself all glammed up, strut into that movie theatre and have fun. If you don’t want to go out, you can also organise a movie date at home just for you. Stock up on all the drinks and snacks you love, turn on the TV and kick-off that much deserved amazing movie night. It’s the best way to unwind after a hard day at work since Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Monday.

Throw A Singles-Only Dinner Party 

Another fun thing you can do this Valentine is to host a singles-only party. Ditch those friends of yours that are boo’d-up and set up something for you and your other single friends. This is an awesome way of celebrating the 14th of February without involving the regular romantic shenanigans is by spending quality time with your best friends. Organise an amazing dinner, top-notch champagne or wine and great music, have fun, make a toast to the singles club, vibe and dance. If you wish to, you can go ahead and invite your friends who are in a relationship but have no plans for the day. They have to come alone though, with no partners involved. After all, it is a night for singles only. 

Stay Off Social Media  

You might be wondering why you need to do this but then you secretly already know why. Social media can get more than a little bit annoying on Valentine’s Day what with couples practically suffocating your feed with all their loved-up photos. Considering the pressure that comes with a day like this, this is the digital detox you most definitely need. Rather than scrolling through pictures of happy couples when you’re very much single, you can make better use of the time by reading a book or engaging in other fun stuff.

Treat Yourself

One idea you should completely get rid of is that taking yourself on a date and giving yourself the ultimate treat is weird. It really isn’t. There is nothing strange about single-handedly accomplishing happiness. On Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to sit at home and feel bad, you can go to a fabulous spa, get that massage you’ve been wanting alongside a mani-pedi, beauty treatment and every other spa treatment you want. Pamper yourself and have a great time. You can also have a DIY spa day in the comfort of your home if you don’t feel like going out. Treat yourself to a fun and fancy day. Spoil yourself with a haircut and those awesome care products you’ve been wanting.

Get Gifts For Yourself And Others  

One of the interesting advantages of being single on Valentine’s Day is that you don’t have to pretend to like a gift you actually hate just because it’s from a special someone. Who knows you better than you? Feeling like you need some new things like makeup, jewellery, clothes or accessories? Then go get them! The season only gives you the perfect excuse to spend as much as you like on yourself just to be happy. While you’re at it, don’t forget to make your friends feel special, too by getting them awesome gifts you know they’d love.

Do Whatever You Want  

The best thing about being single is that you do not answer to anyone, you have the absolute freedom to do whatever you want. You are the CEO of your life and don’t have to follow any rules when it comes to making yourself happy and having fun so go on and take charge of your Valentine’s Day. Do what puts that big smile on your face and has you feeling fulfilled.