Jimmix And Trappi Enliven Idaham’s ‘Man On Fire’ With Latin Twist

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High off the energy generated by the release of the deluxe version of his Man On Fire EP, Idahams is back again re-energized and freshly inspired, toting a Latin twist to his sound, made possible by a collaboration with Spanish artists, Jimmix and Trappi on the Latin remix of EP titular, Man On Fire.

This remix comes because of Idahams’s desire to expand his reach beyond the shores of Africa as he moves toward re-echoing the voice of the upcoming generation.

On the establishment of the collaboration and his penchant for exquisite sounds, Jimmix said: “By chance, I found the music of Idahams on the other side of the planet through YouTube, and immediately caught the African rhythm. Latinos love it, as many of our roots come from there. So, I proposed to work on a Spanish version to broaden the scope of the song”.

Together, the trio fuses the best of Afropop with Latin-inspired cuts and Jazz that results in the fast-paced collaboration that is Man On Fire (Latin Remix).

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