Idowest Returns With Fast Paced Street Hit ‘Set Awon’

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Since he stepped onto the scene, Idowest has adopted a unique sound that although has set him apart from like performers, hasn’t exactly helped in carving a niche for him in an industry heavily saturated these days with street singers. With one debut EP and a couple of post EP Singles, the street music front-liner has struggled to attain top boy significance but undaunting, he continues to deliver to the best of his ability. This week, just fresh off the release of Owale, he shares yet another potential club hit titled Set Awon.

Produced by Vstix, the pop culture reference filled single comes off more like a freestyle as it finds Idowest delivering loose but hard-hitting bars over a breezy bass-driven instrumental that doesn’t provide the energetic single with the right amount of vigor Idowest needed to come off as street influenced as he hoped to. Fortunately, the season we’re in calls for fast-paced singles that are mood-inducing which is the exact category Set Awon falls under.


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