Idris King Shows off Bilingualism on ‘Cruise’

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Idris King shows off his bilingualism on Cruise

For many kids, parents emphasize the need to speak multiple languages. It’s an increasingly important skill in the business world today and continues to become vital across other fields also. Yemi Alade for instance has proven the invaluable need to cut across markets and used her multilingualism to push herself into the conversation for biggest pop stars across the African continent. Idris King is someone else who has leveraged his background with languages and used it to push his music. On his latest effort, Cruise, he shows off the bilingualism that comes from having French speaking family members.

The track which only runs for 88 seconds sees King switch between English and French with dexterity as he pleases before expressing his admiration for Lady Donli over a string heavy MTØ beat.

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