Improve Your Customer Relationships and Let Your Business Soar

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The way you interact with your customers is of the most importance. It can shape your business experience going forward and dictate whether those customers will come back in the future to purchase from your business again. If you improve those customer relationships your business will soar. But how? Businesses are different. Not just because of industry differences, but because it’s natural that people will want to run their business in differing ways. As such, it’s important that you try your best to apply the advice in a bespoke way instead of as a blanket approach.


Make Things Easier For Them

It’s vital that you make everything as easy as possible for the customer. No matter what kind of service or product you offer, you’ll want to offer multiple pay options for customers. You can even get a card reader for your phone these days. If you’re selling big ticket items you might want to offer some form of monthly payment play. Klarna do this if you operate online. Ensure you can take debit and credit, and a wide range of them. Cash payments should also be accepted, even if it makes things a little harder. If you don’t take a certain type, you’re alienating that customer who won’t come back. You lose a sale and reputation. In a similar way your website needs to be clear cut. Don’t take people through wave after wave of pages just to get to the checkout. Don’t overbear them with advertising either. Try to be as clear and concise as possible. 

Always Listen To Feedback

It’s true, some feedback is more powerful than others. If you start getting Feedback mentioning the same thing, over and over, you know you have a problem. It’s a good problem though because it means you can make it better. It gives you the opportunity to improve on something and show you’re listening to your customers. The feedback can come from multiple areas. If you sell on Amazon, check the reviews. If you sell through your own website make sure there is an option for feedback and try to solicit it as much as possible. You’ll get the odd outlier you just won’t agree with of course, and that’s fine, but pay attention and action what you agree with. 

Interact Via Social Media

It can be quite choresome to do this constantly because it means you aren’t investing your time into other business areas which are key to the survivability of what you do. However, just a quick scan on Twitter will show you how important this customer interaction is. Questions can be asked, and a following built up. You can then advertise to the following. It shows people that you’re listening. That you care. As a smaller business, you’ll get fewer questions etc., so it’s easier to listen to and interact with. However, it’ll still take a conscious effort on your part. Make it as best you can and you’ll see more custom flow in and have a happier customer base.

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