Atiku Alleges That INEC Has Released Unclaimed PVCs to APC

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President candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, has accused the Independent National Electoral Commission of giving uncollected permanent voter cards to some governors of the ruling All Progressives Congress.

He said this in Osogbo while addressing a presidential rally of his party held at Nelson Mandela Freedom Park, Osogbo.

Atiku said, “This government came and said they were going to give you jobs. Have they given you the jobs? They said they were going to grow the economy. Have they grown the economy? We are in recession. In fact, we are the headquarters of poverty in the whole world. That is where they took us to.

“They said they were going to secure our country, instead of securing our country, we have insecurity in three to four zones of the country. Have they delivered on all these three? Why should you then vote for them?

“Now, listen to this very carefully, we have information that INEC has been givig uncollected PVCs to the APC governors. So if a voter comes to your polling booths and you don’t know him, don’t allow him to vote because they want to steal your votes.

The PDP’s candidate also promised to expedite action on restructuring the country withing six months of his presidency.

“I promised restructuring. In five to six months, I will start that and I mean it. I said I am going to give youths 40 per cent of my government and I mean it. I said I am going to give women 30 per cent of my government and I mean it. Mark my words, I am not Buhari.”