Introducing Audio Chat on One Radio Music

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OneRadio is a media network that offers local and global radio, curated music playlists and live podcasts streaming from anywhere in the world.

OneRadio provides the medium for on-the-go streaming irrespective of the location. The company resides in Lagos, Nigeria with a growing team of 10 full-time staff. The OneRadio app which is currently available on the AppStore and Android PlayStore broadcasts to over 100 countries and boasts of over 10,000 app installs with about 1 million subscribers worldwide.

Seeing user growth from the pandemic year, the company is building a new Audio Chat feature where users can engage in real-time conversations with others, similar to the app Clubhouse. The way the Audio Chat feature is being developed, it would allow for live chat rooms that anyone on OneRadio could join, and those rooms could be accessible from the Explore feed in the app.

OneRadio Audio Chat will let users start or listen to conversations on a whole host of topics, ranging from sports and parenting to religion, lifestyle and more. We think audio will create the most powerful and impactful medium for influencers because the voice is the most powerful tool to communicate that people have.

OneRadio will use an algorithm to curate audio clips in categories for each user. The app will enable sound editing tools that can be used to produce high fidelity sound quality for the Audio Chat feature. Existing users on the OneRadio app can engage in conversations all on the Explore feed in real-time.

Following the recent ban of Twitter in the country, we as a company believe that communication is key, so allowing people to come together and have chat rooms where they can talk will be very useful. In terms of monetization, soon users would be able to send donations, or tips, to creators in the live Audio Chat rooms. The company plans to make an Audio Creator E-Wallet Fund, to pay users to create content for Audio Chat.

Finally, an integration with Shazam is current in the works that could allow musicians and upcoming artistes to more easily share their music on the OneRadio streaming network and would allow users to easily discover new music within the app.

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