Introducing Youth Against Corruption “YAC”

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Youth Against Corruption is an organisation by a group of Nigerian students home and abroad aimed at creating awareness about the detriments of corruption to the society. As Nigeria turns 54 today we intend to launch this movement with the hope of steering our nation towards the path of greatness where we belong.

Corruption is a major problem for our society and we believe that it should be put on the agenda.

Through different forums and other platforms we hope to encourage Nigerians to fight corruption in every way they can no matter how little. This short video depicts the message that we aim to send and we hope that you embark on this journey for a better Nigeria with us.

Help Our Youth The Truth To Know”: This is the 4th line of the 2nd verse of the Nigerian National Anthem.

Today Nigeria is 54 and we celebrate because she has reached a milestone. This is despite the various challenges she has faced since independence. We must however reflect on the problems Nigeria faces and how this will affect us in the long run.

Nigeria faces a combination of problems; Fuel shortage, terrorism, poverty, high mortality rates,  crime, poor healthcare, illiteracy etc. These problems have stalled the growth of Nigeria. We try to tackle these problems individually and as a result, we usually get nowhere. We have to accept that the underlying issue which increased the capability of these other problems is CORRUPTION. 

We have to treat the cancer that eats into the fabric of Nigeria as a Lernaean Hydra (The multi headed serpent which was killed by Hercules in ancient greek mythology). According to historians, Hercules cut off the heads of the beast multiple times but more heads grew to replace them. He eventually had to stab the monster in the heart and this caused all the heads of the monster to die.

Corruption is the ‘Hydra’. To tackle the countless problems we have as a nation we need to address the main issue which is corruption and promote efficiency.



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