Is Asake the Poster Fashion Boy of AfroBeats?

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Asake’s journey to fame hasn’t been a day’s trip. While many people only met him in 2022, he had been taking long strides toward fame way before that. After releasing his 2020 viral club banger, Mr Money, the song had a decent play on airwaves but still fell short of the big break he aspired to. Asake wasn’t ready to play small. Instead, he was determined, making active preparation for when his opportunity finally came. For many people, Asake was just lucky, others believe it is just his time but if anything, the Afrobeats superstar has defied many constructs of time within the music industry and even outside it.  

Asake’s approach to fashion has always been different and very pronounced, even before he had help with any professional styling. For his Mr Money video, he opted for his now signature bright-colored jumbo braids in green and casual streetwear pieces. Asake understands the value of branding, and the need to make lasting impressions, and has played into this, in poise and style choices. 

Perhaps his edge is the ability to leverage opportunities, seize moments, and multiply them. Now, an international music superstar in his own right, Asake is taking no prisoners experimenting with his fashion. He is finetuning his quirky, edgy style and is truly on a path to becoming a global fashion icon. Breathing, walking moodboard, as some people describe him, Asake may just be a strong contender for the poster fashion boy of Afrobeats. 

Omo Ope Video, 2022

Cue in Asake, the audacious newcomer in the music industry, who is about to have one of the biggest breakout years of his time. Just like his music, his outlook is hard to ignore. In his first video of 2022, Asake had his jumbo braid hairstyle that perfectly complemented his all-white ensemble, styled by Victor Nja. This video was a proper introduction and a lasting impression on people’s minds. 

The outfit struck a balance between stylish and minimalist but overall, it represented a clean slate, into the fashion adventure he was about to embark on. 


Big Trousers, Tight top 

If you’re familiar with social media trends, especially on TikTok then chances are that you’d have come across Asake’s popular style tip video. According to Mr Money, the best fashion advice is to wear a body con top and XXL pants. Atypical, and quite eccentric but he makes it work regardless. In fact, this look has aged well to become one of Asake’s most popular looks and has inspired so many other subsequent looks. So much so that it inspired a growing trend on TikTok for young, fashion-savvy people who are influenced by his edgy style. 

This ensemble was styled by celebrity fashion stylist Raya Khaled, and the exaggerated, denim pants paired with a black blouse and pearls, highlight Asake’s flair for high-street fashion pieces. As an all-around creative visionary, Raya believes the best thing about her collaboration with  Asake is that ”there are no rules, just a balance of chemistry and confidence”. The duo has gone on to collaborate on bringing many of his iconic looks to life.  

Fashion Forward, Non-Conformist 

Asake doesn’t fit into boxes nor does he believe in them. Not in his music and especially not in his fashion choices. For someone who broke out as a niche artist, singing predominantly in Yoruba language, he hasn’t altered or tweaked his sound, even now as a global superstar. His authenticity and originality is the exact quality that sets him apart from the pool of hundreds of other creatives in the entertainment industry. 

That’s why this Asake look will go down in history as one of the public’s favorites. The outfit was a big reflection of his fashion persona — seemingly -out-of-the-box and fashion-forward. For his first US concert, he made a fashion statement, wearing a Balenciaga Pants-Off-the-Shoulder denim, and this look kept people enthralled for days. 

Swazzi x Asake – Cultural Representation 

Asake’s celebration of fashion extends beyond Western styles and delves into culture and the need to incorporate it in his music, imagery, visuals, and personal style. 

For Terminator’s music video, Swazzi curated a custom outfit from Look Different Marque, which featured a full Benin regal ensemble. This attire paid homage to indigenous Nigerian fashion and showcased the creativity of local fashion designers. The ensemble, complemented by traditional Benin beads and accessories, radiated opulence. 


Work of Art 

Now, Asake basks in his ability to pull off just about any look. Whether it is street fashion, black tie or cultural pieces, his versatility is remarkable. 

His latest body of work, Work of Art attests to his creativity and artistic greatness. It further reinforces that whatever Asake undertakes becomes a masterpiece. In his recent collaboration with Raya Khaled for his Remember music video, he is clad in classic mustard-colored trousers, paired with a plaid sweater top and a beret. The ensemble is simple, stylish, and has a cover-boy appeal to it. 

Radiating elegance and a deep level of self-assurance with every appearance, Asake’s confidence is possibly his biggest style secret. No doubt, the ability to embody outfits with such flair and panache shows that only a few can do fashion like Mr Money does.