Listen to “The BBN and Chill Episode” of ISWIS

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ISWIS is undoubtedly that pick-me-up that’s perfect for Hump Day. For slowing down from the Monday rush or just basking in the pre-weekend mood, FK & Jollz have brought us our weekly dose of witty sarcasm and sparkling humor in a 90-minute spiel.

In this episode titled “The BBN and Chill Episode”, the girls have a chirpy chat about FK’s thoroughly entertaining trip to Ekiti, the complexities of co-parenting, the arduous challenge of choosing the right relationships, BBN fanaticism and a lot other amusing titbits that would make perfect convos for your squad sesh this week.

FK & Jollz are finally alone again in the Pod this week after a month of guest features. Personally, I’m just thrilled at the possible prospect of getting an ISWIS show on the road, ’cause even though the titles of Ambassador of Tourism and Travel that FK & Jollz hold were self-conferred, they did make a lot of sense. Find all the juicy gossip on the BBN rave, the girls’ opinions on long-distance relationships in Lagos, and the woes of trying to assert oneself as an independent woman in Nigeria.

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