It’s all about “Business with Pleasure” on the latest episode of The Men’s Club

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REDTV’s The Men’s Club has been a regular trend on our weekend social mill since its launch in 2018. Now in its third season and still living up to the hype, it was about time we jumped on the web series bandwagon to see what all the buzz is about.

The story follows the interesting lives of four young men as they walk and stumble in their diverse individualities, relationships, and families. Exemplifying Nigerian relationships to the T, Lanre the Casanova, Louis of the perpetual lovelorn, Aminu the lovesick heir and Tayo the Bum Boyfriend have thus far, taken their avid audience through an entire avalanche of emotions in trying to find the right balance in each of their lives. The group of four have however found the strength, courage (albeit mostly Dutch), and support to come through each thrown curve unscathed. Relying on each other with the easy, heartwarming camaraderie that is peculiar to our menfolk, TMC is that hearty dose of tough love and drama and the perfect recipe to kickstart the weekend on a great note.

Yesterday’s episode is everything you expected and with a twist( the arrival of Jasmine’s mum is still a hot topic on Twitter). Though in typical TMC style, they leave a myriad of questions on my mind and I stay on the edge of my seat worried for relationships that are not even mine; what if Tiara finds out about Tayo’s “arrangement”? Also, Tumini is caving into Aminu’s reconciliatory gestures, but should she? One night with the girls is not even enough to exhaust the limitless relationship issues that have arisen in one episode alone. And that my friends, is all the value for data you’ll be needing for chill time this weekend.

Watch the full 42-minute long episode here.

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