Listen To Jamal Swiss And Kj Sunmon on Mainland Cruise

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Leveling the playing field in an age in which music evolves fast means taking a different unique route than everyone else playing your game. Jamal Swiss not only levels the playing field in his new single; Mainland Cruise but communicates a love for his home base.  

The young Rapper who constantly proves to be dynamic with every release kicks off the release for this single with a light campaign seeking exposure of the finest chill spots on the mainland by asking his fans to hit him up with lists of their favorite places on the mainland. The rapper who’s also a genie fulfills their wishes by hosting them at said spots and that’s not even the best part of this release. 

The best is the single itself which begins with a showy soundscape of bouncy keys and drums that shake things up for the listener but not before proving to be a solid platform for Jamal to transition into an engaging rapper with lyrics that back up the credibility of his home base. The upbeat record features KJ Sunmon whose rusty vocals and laidback delivery style do more than amp up the bass. 


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