‘Lockdown Effect’ Is Jaye IV’s Artistic Statement On Our Collective Plight

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Since it started in different parts of the world, the pandemic induced lockdown has become the go-to reservoir for musicians to draw out inspiration, almost becoming their singular source. Jaye IV is an upcoming rapper from Lagos with an attentive ear and one of those driven to creation by the current state of the world, which is exactly how his latest, Lockdown Effect, came about.

Speaking about the foundation of the Steph produced song, he said,

“Most people had a hard time during the lockdown. It was self-incarceration and we all felt the need to sit back, breathe in and think back.”

With its resonant quality, Lockdown Effect is a summary of Jaye IV’s state of mind during the events that lasted multiple weeks and this underlines his emotive punchlines.

Jaye IV’s music is precise and portrays him as an adaptive vocalist with a penchant for realism, Lockdown Effect is proof of these qualities likely to line his path to the mainstream.


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