Minz Joins French Artist, Jaymax On His Latest Single, ‘Kara’

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This week, Minz joins French Hip-hop artist, Jaymax on his latest single, Kara. The duo exercises their seeming synergy on the pop dosed up love ballad to the max with Jaymax leading the pack with a stellar verse articulated fully in French alluding to the method to his madness in respect to his feelings for his woman of choice. Minz steps in to saturate the already bouncy track with his signature Afrofusion flavor making it an above-average record well its on way to becoming the next best thing on Francophone charts.

The single is accompanied by a video that stars both artists performing against deserted landscape backdrops giving the video an exotic aesthetic, ultimately culminating in a charming montage that rhymes with their theme and the situation of all countries in the world today.


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