JELEEL! Is The Voice Of The People On Concept EP ‘Generation Z!’

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Although there seems to be a constant battle between generations that we see constantly played out in today’s media, Jeleel truly believes in the new generation and its ability to be the catalyst of change. Staying true to his goal of always spreading love and positivity through his music, he returns with his unique genre-fluid sound but more confined around the emotions of today: rage, uncertainty, and yearning for positivity on the follow-up to his last release, Angel from Heaven, on Generation Z!, a six-track provision of sonic assimilation to the new generation while complimenting and balancing the whirlwind of emotions that exist within all of us.

Living in perhaps the most uncertain times his generation has experienced, Generation Z! seeks to personify the moment we are in while also providing a temporary escape from what is hard to grasp as our current reality. This can be heard through the emotive tracks that start the project off followed by a fusion of lighter and then more upbeat tracks reminiscent of Jeleel’s last project, Angel from Heaven.

In a time of political and social unrest in which popular music has fed off topics of gun violence, immaterial accolades, and objectification of women among other vices, Jeleel is perhaps one of the few artists whose music and character matches the current climate.

Music has always been a part of Jeleel’s spirituality, and his hope is that his spirit is felt through Generation Z! to uplift whoever it reaches and leave them better off.

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