Jesse Jagz Is Teeming With MIght And Meaning On Comeback Single ‘B’

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Jesse Jagz is back and his return is clouded in heavy indications of evolution from the Jesse on hit records like Jargo and Nobody Test Me. Off a highly personal upcoming project eponymously titled Garba, he shares B, a gritty ode to a woman that has him sprung.

Aptly titled B, an informal abbreviation for the word ‘babe’, the single finds Jesse Jagz diving into a long introspective session during which he examines his relationship with this woman, perhaps the only woman in his life and the only slightly romantic subject he will pay attention to on Garba.

Jesse Jagz’s only support on B is a sparse synthesized key-driven instrumental with bits of digital percussions that support the weight of his heavy words teeming with might and meaning.

Photo credit: @buchwithlenses

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