Jeune Lio Puts Ivorien Women Front And Center In Sexy Girl From Abidjan Video

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In the video for Ivorien DJ Jeune Lio’s single, SGFA (Sexy Girl From Abidjan), he pays homage to the beautiful women of Abidjan and puts Ivorien women front and center while showcasing his hometown’s vibrant energy.

While he is joined by Oxlade, Didi B, and Chrystel on the impressive record – it is the women of Abidjan who are the stars of the video as they live it up and enjoy themselves alongside Jeune Lio. The featured artists bring even more energy to the scene, each displaying a unique charisma that leaps off the screen. The chemistry that you hear on the song is evident in the scenes they share displaying the positivity that Jeune Lio wanted to infuse into this video.

With West African countries like Ghana and Nigeria growing in popularity as travel destinations, Lio believes that Côte d’Ivoire has just as much to offer if not more. The video for SGFA reflects not only his love for his people but his pride in the beauty of blackness and black women in particular. He wants people to come and witness the beauty of Abidjan and he’s telling the world about his city, one song at a time.

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