Jidenna Shares 11-Track Sophomore Album And Music Video For Seun Kuti Assisted ‘Worth The Wait’

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Following weeks of heavy promotion and the weekly release of singles, Jidenna has finally shared his sophomore project, the Afro-rhythm inspired 85 to Africa, an ode to the life and times of Jidenna.

Filled with pride in his African heritage, Jidenna dispenses a full wardrobe of his inspiration, armed to the teeth with amassed knowledge of various African cultures which he transforms into thought-provoking narratives and a full list of A-listers including Seun Kuti who dazzles on the Jazz and Afro-Pop hybrid, Worth the Wait – accompanied by a Wes Walker directed video which sees Jidenna in a psychedelic trance trailblazing through a culture and spirit fest as he dishes out punchlines referencing his life and culture on Seun Kuti’s plane of exquisite sounds – among others.

Reminiscent of several tracks on The Chief, 85 to Africa which Jidenna describes as a musical road trip designed to take listeners on a cross-genre sonic journey sweeps across various African cultures highlighting the most relatable stories and lifestyles meant to engage his listeners and invite them to connect to their roots. On several tracks like Babouche, a strong fusion of Hip-hop and Moroccan music featuring Goldlink, Jidenna alludes to his coveted lifestyle as an African man in the west among other narratives revolving around his African heritage.