Jinmi Abduls And Atawewe Unite On Alluring Ballad, ‘Show Me’

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Ejoya music is on a revolutionary path with its class of 2020 initiative which features the best and brightest of their budding superstar lineup of artists.

Earlier in the year, they flagged off the initiative with a Buju powered single titled Mind Games and to pick up the pace, they share the Jinmi Abdul and Atawewe piano-driven love ballad, Show Me.

Spruced with soothing bass which when fused with the surrounding piano synths creates atmospheric vibes, Show Me is not just another Valentine’s day marker but evidence of the quality of talent Ejoya is breeding.

Although Jinmi Abduls has previously set himself apart with his mesmeric vocals and penchant for charming love songs, Tomi who goes by Atawewe, is a welcome surprise, along with Dunnie, the single’s eclectic producer who is on the way to making a name in the industry.