Ogranya And Efya Are Valentine’s Day Villains On ‘Wicked’

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As the entire world succumbs to the flow of Valentine’s day, Ogranya moves in parallel, leveraging his dissatisfaction for the world-renowned day by placing his turn off before love on Wicked featuring Ghanaian soul driver, Efya.

The single which according to him is the first of a four-part offering leans on his syrupy delivery to give off balmy vibes despite its jarring lyrics.

Efya’s velvety vocals contribute to its contrasting effect while Benny Que’s bass-driven instrumental gives Wicked its much-needed edge. Together, the duo, with their intoxicating harmonies and Efya’s adlibs, make the perfect Valentine’s villains, a welcome change to the suffocating sweetness of new music Friday.

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