Jinmi Abduls Reiterates Love For Women On ‘Babayé’

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Listen to Jinmi of Lagos EP by Jinmi Abduls
Just two weeks after Jinmi Abduls dropped Iyawo Jinmi which found him enunciating his intentions for his future wife with a blend of compliments and sweet words hinged on the extents he will go to, to please her, the versatile Singer-Songwriter returns this week with another romance-themed single titled Babayé.
On the Telz produced Babayé, Jinmi banks on the goofiness of his alter ego which perfectly projects the looseness of the almost comical single. The EDM and Afro-house inspired single finds him articulating his problems, top of which is his limitless love for Lagos girls.
Jinmi Abduls earned his mark in the Nigerian music industry in 2016 when he shared timeless fan favorite, Tinuke Eko. More than 2 years later, he keeps pushing his intent with more tracks such as Babayé that prove the extent of his talent.

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