Jinmi Abduls Teams Up With Joeboy And Oxlade On Mesmeric ‘Jowo’

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Emotions are bound to rain and magic likely to be made when musicians on the same wavelength come together on a track. Jinmi Abduls, Joeboy, and Oxlade tilt towards this fact on former’s latest, Jowo, a self-produced love ballad that draws on the synergetic trio’s individual strengths.

Jinmi Abduls leads the group with a smooth verse powered by his melodic vocals and easy charm that paves the way for an onslaught of harmonies before Joeboy comes on the second verse to dazzle us with his syrupy performance. Oxlade, as usual, handles the chorus with impressive ease, sealing their intent with sweet promises.

It becomes increasingly easy to get lost in their melodies and project oneself as they draw us in by way of the single’s mesmeric drum-driven instrumentals.

With Jowo, a new addition to his impressive catalog of love songs, Jinmi Abduls informally assumes the role of resident loverboy in the industry.