New Look Chase Music Cast Debut With ‘Pow’

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Navigating the waters as an independent artist in the Nigerian music industry is as complex as it gets but when the success does come, the countless hours pay off when there’s no figure head to repay for taking a chance or some 360 deal that effectively locks you into an undesirable deal. It’s why we continue to reiterate the need for education of artists and entertainment lawyers who understand the battle ground they play in. With a just concluded law degree, you can understand why Jinmi Abduls has been adamant about selling out and continues to look to build his thing himself through self-owned Chase Music. Set up in 2015 by Abduls and Oniru, the group was home to Abduls’ debut project, the Jinmi of Lagos EP and the recently released debut project of Foresythe, Lolu Foresythe and Partners.

With university in the back mirror, Abduls recalibrates on his priorities and has recruited two teenagers bubbling in their circles, Sir Tami and Yung Ziggy as he looks to dream chase with Chase Gang 2.0. Their debut release, Pow sees everyone come together for a delightful record.

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