Jinmi Abduls Is Ambitious With His New EP ‘JOLAG 2: The World’

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Here's The Tracklist For Jinmi Abdul's Upcoming EP

In anything you do and particularly as an Artist, ambition is important. It’s all too easy to slump into your comfort zone particularly when you put in your hours and become better at a certain thing. With his sophomore project, Jinmi of Lagos 2: The World, twenty year old singer Jinmi Abduls shows the kind of ambition everyone should possess. Pushing past the bars set in a music industry where the bars aren’t even particularly high, Jinmi uses JOLAG 2’s supple sound to jolt our memories to back when Jinmi Of Lagos paved the way for his flipside dimension of Afrobeat.

Making Folarin the introductory track on JOLAG 2 was no mistake or coincidence. Flowing in with Jinmi’s Oriki (traditional Yoruba praise Poetry) and creeping mellow keys, Folarin sets the tone for an overall breezy ambience on the EP. Folarin is an ode to his come up told with exceptional calmness made possible by Jinmi’s sonorous vocals cushioned with sensational ad libs and a barely there shaking instrumental which might be cymbals or the traditional yoruba instrumental called the Shekere all steadily climbing to an uptempo with a dramatic build of the Keyboard.

The EP continues with Doremi; a sweet vow/inquiry of his Lover to sing sweet songs to, to stand for, to “sing like Tiwa, sing like Wizzy , Michael Jackson and Lagbaja” for. All Jinmi wants to know on this bed of melodic synths & pads is if his lover will reciprocate these over-the-moon feelings.

He proceeds to switch things up on Kuala Lumpur with movement inducing 808s & pads that act as a back up to his emotive love confessions & the promise of a trip to Malaysia that will lead to inevitable enjoyment. “Ama Jaye Gan” (we will enjoy well) he says.

Blessed; the 4th track and first single off the EP; is an acoustic and bass drum infused love song that proves Jinmi’s ability to sonically diversify love stories without coming off as too sappy or boring. It’s a soulful yet upbeat rendition of his vision about the girl of his dreams.

The next track; Once Twice is a stage of whistling synths and dubstep beats on to which Jinmi brings; Teni who lends him sensational vocals to sing about love. This time he leans toward the R&B/Pop genre to give off lax playful vibes. Like a music maestro, Jinmi picks up elements of highlife with which he seasons Sisi Eko, the 6th track off the EP.

On Sisi Eko we hear Jinmi ‘vowing on the streets of Lagos’ to “love till the Stars fall down” which we know will never happen. With this, we can say he has established his presence in every Nigerian Wedding.

Seven is said to be the number of perfection. ‘Eko’ with Dami Oniru is an exemplary piece of perfection on Jinmi Of Lagos 2. Eko is a soft ballad about being on the sore side of heartbreak. Together with Dami who lent her velvety vocals for this piece, they gracefully harmonize over melodic cushy keys and drums.

The closing call on this EP sees Jinmi completely switching over to contemporary Afrobeat; lyrically and sonically. On this track produced by Bankyondbeatz, he glides over a wave of electrifying synths and galvanic drums.

Jinmi Abduls has continued to make musical headway through a diverse range of Afrobeat sounds. We have seen the singer, songwriter and producer come a long way from the days of Tinuke Eko to the first part of Jinmi Of Lagos and through his come up, we have noticed an unwavering passion for not just professing to release music that makes a difference but an effort to deliver music that indeed makes a difference. We look forward to watching him grow by giving us sounds that will make an imprint on the Nigerian music scene.

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