Watch The Somber But Crisp Video For Joeboy’s ‘Lonely’

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The breakout act from Mr Eazi’s #emPawa100 talent incubator, Joeboy has become one of African music’s brightest lights since dropping his debut single Baby in Summer 2019, topping charts across Africa and beyond with an improbable run of hits. With lyrics that capture the innocence of young love and the sting of youthful heartbreak, the 23-year-old is at the forefront of a new wave of Nigerian pop stars, having amassed millions of streams and an insurmountable number of fans worldwide. Today, he continues his ascent to his album, Somewhere Between Beauty And Magic, a celebration of love in its myriad forms which he kicks off earnestly today with the official video for, Lonely, along with details on the album. Also today, Apple Music has exclusively premiered Becoming The African Popstar, a mini-documentary charting Joeboy’s meteoric rise. Today is Joeboy’s day but the ambiance in the video reflects a different mood.

Directed by Adetula KingTula Adebowale, the video reflects the tension Joeboy’s builds in the song by way of lyrics and tempo. Pictured alone, Joeboy’s eagerness to be joined with his muse casts a somber reflection on the otherwise crisp video. In a positive turn of events, he gets his wish towards the end, closing out the video on a happy note that echoes the celebratory tone of today’s message.