Joey B Joins the ‘Loose Talk’ Giants For Episode 167

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For Episode 167 of the Loose Talk Podcast titled Trans Benz, Ghanaian rapper Joey B joins the quartet of AOT2, BadGirlMo, Jess and Steve to discuss pop culture and everything in between.

The episode kicks off with a briefing on the viral documentary by an unconventional evangelist Pastor Tony  Rapu about a drug victim, and progressed to focusing on guest, Joey B beginning with an inquisition on the similarities between life in Ghana and Nigeria, following his few visits to Nigeria. They went further to discuss the fortuitous success of his single Tonga in the Nigerian market and how his then-indifference towards seizing such an opportunity to induct himself into the Nigerian market mirrors the complacency of most Ghanaian artistes about pushing the envelope for their songs to travel beyond their terrain.They further discussed Burna Boy’s leap in the past year and being blackballed earlier in his career by gatekeepers.

The podcast wrapped up by examining how Nigeria has morphed into being the poster country for African music before going on to explore the Altè scene in Ghana. Here, Singer BOJ (who stepped in) and Jess took the reins in seeking to disprove the misconception that the movement is the exclusive preserve of the wealthy.

Listen to the podcast below;