John Boyega To Produce Upcoming Horror Movie, ‘A Spriggan’

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British-born Nigerian actor, John Boyega has joined the echelon of actors-cum-producers as he’s set to produce his second film, an upcoming UK fantasy-horror, A Spriggan. It’s barely been a complete 12-months since the successful release of his first film as a producer, Pacific Rim: Uprising, via his Upper Room Productions banner alongside Legendary Pictures, and he’s onto a new project.

Having conquered conquered sci-fi with Star WarsPacific Rim: Uprising, and Attack the Block, Boyega is making a daring move to the horror genre.

Currently out to cast, creature feature A Spriggan follows a recently widowed mother who returns to her father’s isolated hotel only to find a sinister folklore presence haunting the land. The impressive crew includes two-time Oscar-winning VFX supervisor Neil Corbould and his company Neil Corbould Special Effects, which is handling special effects and creating the creature. Courbould is well known for his work on movies including Rogue One, Gravity and Gladiator.

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