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John Legend is a fine man, with a fine voice. He also happens to be married to a fine model. Mrs Legend has plenty of fans due to her Social media persona. They got married last year and are one of our favorite  celebrity couples. Find below some pictures that highlight their “adorableness”. ‘All of Me’ off Mr Legend’s last  album as the soundtrack.

Photo Credit: Vibe
They play dress up together
At their sartorial finest.
She lets him mark his territory.
Photo Credit: Pop Crush
They always kill the Red carpet

They take better selfies than you.
They take better selfies than you and your boo.
Photo Credit: Guest of a Guest
See the love in her eyes.
They are sporty.
They are sporty.

securedownload 3


They love animals.
Photo credit: Global Grind
He put a ring on it

securedownload 4

Honeymoon Cuteness
He serenades her on National TV.
Photo Credit: SwimDaily
They double date with KimYe and trump them in the good-looking couple stakes

Photo Credit: Oprah
They mess around in the kitchen together.

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