Johnny Drille Extols Fatherly Virtues on ‘Papa’

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Everyone reaches their emotional high on specific days of the year. Ranking high on this list of days is Father’s and Mother’s day among others. As everyone celebrates, musicians capitalize on the sensitivity of these days to not only celebrate but build their brands. Notably, Johnny Drille follows this route this month with a track dedicated to extolling his father’s greatest features on a single titled Papa.

As with everybody, he highlights the times his father has gone over and beyond for him, reminiscing great times and hoping that the future opens the gate for greater memories.

Popular for his ability to take his listeners on emotional journeys, Johnny Drille does his best to not only visualize fathers in the best way he can – which he does with Clarence Peters in the accompanying video – but reveal a more sensitive side of himself, one that’s likely to put him in our good books.

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