Joy Oladokun’s Goodwill Message Is Loud And Clear On ‘Wish You The Best’

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Perhaps it’s her constant recourse to realism or the passion with which she projects even more soulful words she writes or the way she throws herself into her performance, but Joy Oladokun via her music has become an embodiment of real-life soul. Since her music gained traction via a social media post by a fellow musician, Ciara, the Nashville native’s music hasn’t suffered attention from those who truly appreciate the life in her words. This month, even as she returns with Jensen McRae on Wish You The Best, a writer she describes as one of the best on the planet right now, singing about forgiveness and goodwill in the midst of chaos, her voice, being the calm in the storm, Oladokun is a tempered ray of sunshine.

Just like she does with her words, Oladokun tugs on the strings of our hearts with strung acoustics, low and smooth like her soft voice. The beauty of Wish You The Best with it’s calculated and immersive rhythm is that it’s encompassing. Oladokun did say she has a complicated relationship with exes and America and the song is about both, and just like it’s synonymous with a couple of things for her, it is, for the rest of us.

Be it happiness, alliance, love, or goodwill, Joy Oladokun’s messages, personal and passionate are always relatable, and Wish You The Best, is a perfect example.

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