Joyce Olong Heralds Debut Album With Ode To Outcasts ‘Outta Town’

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Three years following the release of her acclaimed debut EP, Merci Beauté which afforded her partnerships with the cream of the crop of Nigeria’s Alté scene such as Odunsi, Yinka Bernie, Paula B, DOZ, Tim Lyre and so many more, among other feats, singer/songwriter meets producer Joyce Olong returns with the sublime Outta Town, the lead single off her forthcoming full-length debut album, Silhouettes.

Speaking about the single, Joyce Olong says that it is one that

“focuses on identity, the distrust of the outcast who, despite being ostracized and almost silenced can offer a fresh take on some of society’s everyday questions if only we would stop and listen without prejudice”.

With her calm and thought-provoking delivery and lyrics juxtaposing the prevalent myth of celebrity cult cue The Beatles vis-a-vis Yoko Ono, Joyce interrogates our intentions and myopic misperceptions and treatment of outsiders.

Sonically, Outta Town rewards the listener with soothing yet penetrating sounds that conjure images of Igbo Atilogwu dancers waving handkerchiefs as they do the 3/4 shuffle, to an Ennio Morricone-scored Spaghetti Western desert scene or space crafts hovering over dystopian futuristic cityscapes.

Outta Town is just a taste of what awaits the curious listener willing to delve into the magical vibrations of the talented Joyce Olong.


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