JujuBoy Star And Kel P Find Their Way Back To Each Other On ‘Enjoyment’

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JujuBoy Star’s sound has warmth and puny rhythmicity at its core. I Dey There, his debut track released in November 2020, saw him emote over a twinkling Kel P beat that had him expressing his attraction for a love interest. Off that debut, Star has set himself on a pedestal, forming a solid partnership with Kel P on his latest, Enjoyment.

JujuBoy Star is more hedonistic than ever on Enjoyment, ascribing diversity and variety to messages he wants to explore thematically. The beat is more throbbing and bouncy than his debut, showing his intention of crafting a bawdy sing-along.

Across its three-minute runtime, the single weave panoramic writing with the lilting cadence of Afrobeats and spices things up with horns that are a homage to one of Star’s biggest music influences, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. By the time the song closes out with hypnotic harmonies, it’s clear that the singer has something special looming.