Juliet Ariel Seeks Fun Summer Vacation in Latest Single “Holiday”

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DR Congo-born singer and songwriter Juliet Ariel has just released a new single Holiday, a serene blend of pop and Afrobeats in which she states her craving for a summer vacation.

Juliet Ariel grew up in the French capital where she derived inspiration from Parisian art and fashion. As a teenager, she witnessed the ultra fashionable night club scene and enjoyed French electronic music artists like Daft Punk and Justice. The singer is of African and Portuguese  descent, and she is fluent in both French and English. Her self-produced 2017 single Take Me With You, which put her on the spotlight, boasts 10 million+ views collectively on YouTube, 1.8 million+ views on Spotify and 1.3 million+ streams on Soundcloud. 

Combining forces with Nigerian hitmaker SIGNAL (known for Khaid’s Annabella and Carry Me Go), Juliet Ariel’s latest Afropop sound Holiday is an effortless blend of pop and Afrobeats that prepares the minds of listeners for a fun, enjoyable adventure  away from work. Her captivating melodies are entwined with Nigerian rhythms in a way  that makes the song suitable for slow dance.

“I wanna be all right / Just wanna sip some wine/ chilling all day and night,” Juliet’s sultry voice rings through the hook of the song. In the repetitive chorus which carries the weight of her desire  for feel-good moments, she sings unequivocally that “I need a holiday”. 

Speaking up on the inspiration behind the song, the singer reacts:

“I wanted to write a song that everyone could relate to. It may not look like it, but I am always working. I like keeping busy but it sometimes takes a toll on my mental health. I wrote this song to remind me of self-care, margaritas, bikinis and getaways. It  is more than just a catchy melody; it’s an anthem of girl power, encouraging women and listeners alike to take control of their well-being and embrace their dreams. With Juliet Ariel’s captivating vocals and SiGNAL’s infectious Afrobeats rhythms, it promises to be the soundtrack of countless summer getaways, empowering listeners to embrace their own moments of  Holiday”.

Out on November 17, 2023, Juliet Ariel’s Holiday is available for streaming. 

Listen now.