Juls And Niniola Create Vibrant Shaky Pop On ‘Love Me’

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More than any of her other celebrated features, Niniola’s appeal falls within her ability to immerse herself in any sound and wear it like skin. With Sarz’s help, the singer birthed and nurtured the Afro-house sound that is now a blueprint for other singers in the continent today. Now, pitching her tent with Juls on Love Me, who opts to walk with the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Afrohouse’ in the glitzy road, to his upcoming project, she again does justice to the producer’s refreshing and laudable take on a culture defined contemporary music.

Over shaky percussions intertwined with the hollowness of traditional drums and punctuated by saxophones, perfect for her springy personality, Niniola manifests love for herself, making the already immersive experience into a spiritual one to bring her dreams to life.

Juls and Niniola give validity and credence to each other’s ability, the latter drawing out the essence of Juls’s special Afrobeat brew and himself, resounding her sound-transcendent artistry.

Love Me is the right foot forward for Juls, in his culture-defined journey to cross-continental relevance.