Juls Shares the Stage with animated Sona and Odunsi in My Wave Video

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Juls Shares the Stage with animated Sona and Odunsi in My Wave Video

In the past few years, Africans have been doing some pretty amazing fun-to-watch animations. It is ever so pleasing to see these animations inculcated into our music videos. It also appears as though split screen music videos are the new cool. Following that trend, the music video to Juls’ My Wave featuring Sona and Odunsi (The Engine) is a split screen combination of realism, animation, text, signs and symbols.

It is a video with a very high level of artistry and creativity riddled with “special” moments. Moments like when the song says “I have time for you, I got 9 lives” and we see a cat positioned alongside a sultry babe, as well as when to one side of the screen we see a model posing for the camera, while to the other side, we see Juls playing photographer. It also features a handful of by subtle, surreal moments like when the animated Juls plays on the instruments and turn table to the pleasure of the crowd.

Don’t even get us started on the beautiful African ladies featured in the video clad in Ankara top to bottom, amidst the lively and colorful set to which Juls orchestrates a photography session. The animations of Sona and Odunsi are rather comical. There’s a shot where Sona holds onto his girl in titanic fashion, with his hands awfully close to her breasts and it is laid beside an image of ripe, juicy oranges.

With all of this, applauds go to the brilliant and delightful visual combination by UAiMAGES paired with the animations of Poka (who is also responsible for the animation of Juls’ With You featuring Maleek Berry and Stonebwoy).

Watch My Wave below.