Just Peachy! – Day 55

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I recently found out that I was fed chicken. I didn’t know it at the time and it’s frustrating for many reasons. First of which is I tried to avoid that exact thing from happening. I’ll tell you the events that occurred in chronological order. Last week, some people at my Institute threw a fundraiser to raise money for the East Africa Food Crisis and they invited everyone to buy African food and donate money to the cause. When I got there, I was already under the impression that the only thing I would be able to eat would be the plantain but the cooks assured me that the jollof rice wasn’t cooked using chicken stock. I trusted them and ate it. Yesterday, I was told that they used chicken stock cubes to season the rice. Perhaps one of my two readers could explain to me what the big difference is.

Whatever, I’m not offended or anything but it’s worrying to think about how much harder it would be to keep this veganism up in Nigeria. People (I tried to stop myself from saying Africans) don’t really understand this decision so they don’t take it seriously. They’re willing to falsify information to get you to eat something. It’s probably not even malicious. They just don’t care enough. I may never eat in public again! Just the thought of cooking all my meals for the rest of my life exhausts me. Can you imagine anything worse?

The second reason I’m frustrated is because I had managed to go 50 days without eating any of the unmentionables only for this to happen and it’s not even like I was being careless. Now I don’t know whether I should reset my clock to start from day 1 again or just keep swimming. My preference would be to stick with the larger number of days. It’s like when you have an on-again, off-again boyfriend. You measure your relationship starting from the first time you were on and not the last time you were on again. Of course, alcoholics have a different approach but I don’t need that negativity in my life.

One last thing, it baffles me that people still eat meat. Here me out, I can explain: I’m a narcissist who thinks the world revolves around me. There, I explained it. So, when I stop doing something and I see that people continue to do it, I don’t understand why. It’s like, “What do you mean you still eat meat? Didn’t you hear that I stopped? Why does Tesco still sell milk? What kind of Truman Show is this? You people are supposed to follow my cue.”

You all need to get it together.


P.S. I miss meat.
P.P.S. I decided it’s ok to eat Oreos because life is a box of chocolates and you never know what you’re gonna get.