Justine Skye And Rema Are The Perfect Match On Album Precursor ‘Twisted Fantasy’

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Rema’s slowly but surely growing worldwide acclaim is almost as strong as his unwavering need to never separate his music from his Trapster, hipster persona. From Jae5 to Thutmose and Skepta, the attention he’s receiving cross continentally speaks to this growing acclaim. This month, he lends his sweeping persona to American singer, Justine Skye on Twisted Fantasy, the second single off her soon-to-be-released album.

As with everything Justine Skye does, Twisted Fantasy is a slow burner embellished with shimmery percussions that complements Skye’s deep but lush vocals, and despite the variations in their delivery, Rema’s output matches hers to a T. Surprisingly, Rema opts for a Dancehall leaning approach in his delivery that speaks to his impressive range.

Twisted Fantasy is not your typical RnB cut, it’s not as engaging as expected but with the duo of Justine Skye and Rema at the frontlines, it suffices in engagement through their chemistry.

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