Dremo Joins K-BRWN On Infectious And Witty New Single ‘Superhero’

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Like most creatives born into corporate career-driven families, K-BRWN struggled with finding his feet in music before his career as a singer-songwriter kicked off. However, with an unwavering passion for the art, after years of traipsing industries and with a determination to make a mark in music, he embraced his Nigerian roots as a musician; taking it back to what really inspired him to get into music in the first place. To kickstart what seems like an exciting career following the warmly received Annie-assisted Good Times, K-BRWN teams up with Dremo to write and perform a sensational Afropop-inspired single titled Superhero.

Dremo leads the duo with an infectious one-liner “I no be superman, I no be spiderman but I be badman“, a witty intro that alludes to the Afrocentricity of the single despite its roots in western elements, a one-liner that also complements Nakademus’s springy percussion packed instrumental and paves the way for K-BRWN to come on and match Dremo’s energy.

Superhero is accompanied by an Ehmecca and Jonny Stuckmayer directed video where we see the duo uncover all the antics they sing about.

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