Kasien is a ‘Heartbreak Kid’ For The Summer

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Listen to Heartbreak Kid by Kasien

It’s almost always difficult and impossible to truly hide a broken heart and while UK based rapper, Kasien registered an important win with features on Red Bull Studio’s Places and Faces mixtape recently he sounds to just be coming around to picking himself up from heartbreak and makes it clear on Heartbreak Kid.

For some, heartbreak leads to feelings of self doubt, for others its propels into an upper echelon. Kasien seems to fall in the latter group as he goes from affliction which is characterized by stone cold stunner esque smoking and texts to exes to rediscovering himself and realizing his worth. Kasien also makes clear where he stands on relationships at the moment and seems to have gone down the road of savagery typical after heartbreaks for most. The sting effect created by the keyboards magnifies the pain in Kasien’s vocals and in some form helps listeners empathize with him.

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