Kasien’s Debut EP ‘I found Paradise In Hell’ Is A Biting Tale Of Growth And Grit

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It is not very often we witness artists go to town on their debut projects, much more in industries that are heavily saturated with countless bodies grappling for a seat at the table. Within the space of two months, South London born Rapper, Kasien has done this by feeding off the ripple effect of his sweeping debut single, All I See, by offering his growing fanbase a broad view of his impressive artistry in form of his debut EP, I found Paradise In Hell, a stellar seven-track combination of rhythmic prowess evidenced in his captivating flow, lyrical dexterity and a keen ear.

With talent and temperament, Kasien debuts all shades himself starting with a bird’s eye view of cumulated perspectives on the earlier released, All I See a sprawling bass-heavy opener that is made more exciting by his motivating narrative. He is a benevolent lyricist among other features, as he never seems to run out of the right words weaponized to drive his various points home including the project’s overarching theme of success against all odds.

Evolution is in the air and it blows heavy on Kasien’s debut that not only defines the rapper’s persona as proficient and purposeful especially in the way he sheds lights on his life but underlines the climate change characterized by the talent uprising we see today, occurring across almost all music industries. With I found Paradise In Hell, a biting tale of growth and grit, Kasien has positioned himself at the frontline of this revolution, armed to the teeth with stories for a lifetime.