Keep The Beat Going With Audiomack Africa

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… Audiomack Launches Keep The Beat Going Campaign

Today, Audiomack is proud to announce Keep The Beat Going, a new campaign launching first in Nigeria and coming soon to several African countries.

As a leader in bringing African music to fans around the world, Keep The Beat Going is the next phase in our global music discovery mission. Inspired by the heartbeat of music—the drum—Keep The Beat Going’s creator workshops, playlists, digital ads, and Beat FM partnership are all about empowering creatives and inspiring listeners to tap in with new music from across the continent.

“The Keep The Beat Going campaign is our way of further connecting the Audiomack audience to the diverse world of African music,” says Jason Johnson, VP of Marketing and Brand Strategy for Audiomack. “We care about the artist, the producer, and the fan, and want to make sure they are represented across billboards, radio ads, and more as we move music forward worldwide.”

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