Kene Esomeju Shifts The Focus To His Craft With Channel Orange Series

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Channel Orange by Kene Esomeju

Canada based Nigerian photographer, Kene Esomeju slowly continues to show he is a force to be reckoned with, boasting collaborations with the likes of Victoria Kimani and Quentin Miller, however, in his latest offering, the Channel Orange series, Esomeju makes use of a less popular model which should divert the attention to the man behind the camera and his craft instead of the one being focussed on. According to Esomeju, this piece of work is an effort at employing color to charm the eye of the beholder.

In Culture Custodian’s correspondence with Esomeju via email he said,

“As a photographer, I feel the need to add colours to photographs. Most pictures look cool, but with Channel Orange, I wanted to give people a reason to want to look at these pictures and be stuck on them despite not knowing who the models are. With time, I will try out some other colours (most probably blue or green) and I hope I’d be able to create more colourful creative projects like these.”


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