Kenneth Okolie is a Lagos Street Boxer in ‘Segun the Fighter’

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Trailer for Segun the fighter starring kenneth okolie

Kenneth Okolie is king of the underworld in the slick trailer for Segun the Fighter, a crime drama that explores rage and trauma. Segun distracts himself from his haunting past with underground fights, but even after a string of victories, he still feels defeated.

Rage, pure unadulterated rage, is Segun’s secret weapon as he reigns supreme in the underworld of Lagos street fighting, but for how long can he keep his dark past at bay, and is there any redemption for a lost soul?

True to Nollywood style, there are not many details about the film. However, we do know it is a short story with psychological leanings. From the trailer, it seems our protagonist has lost a loved one and is suffering from trauma. The film is directed by The Iria Brothers, who have a short film, David, showing at the 2019 edition of the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF).

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