Kenzo’s Latest Photo Series Shows The Nigeria You Choose To Ignore

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French luxury house, Kenzo takes their work to Nsukka with director Akinola Davies and “Igbo/Yorkshire warrior” photographer, Ruth Ossai for a short film which is set to drop soon. The project brings to the fore images from rituals practiced by women and was intended on serving as a “celebration of young black bodies (by) capturing them celebrating Igbo culture and traditions, showing that beauty is always present when there is a commitment to the celebration of culture.”

All models were cast at local schools, church and markets in Nsukka and are draped in Kenzo’s SS17 collection. This current project is part of Kenzo’s folio series which will show what it is like to be a current day Nigerian millennial. KENZO folio includes film and photography which will be on display in the house’s flagship store from 27th April to 10th May.

This project by Kenzo has sparked conversation on Twitter with some suggesting it is unrepresentative of Nigerian culture and an opposing school of thought rightfully suggesting that Nigerian culture goes beyond Lagos’ elitist walls and that Kenzo indeed captures Nigerian culture with its work. With this piece of work, Kenzo has successfully sparked necessary conversation that should hopefully allow Nigeria’s elite understand that they are a minority and better come to terms with the Nigeria they are exposed to but choose to ignore.

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