Kida Kudz’s Resilience Is The Highlight Of New Single ‘Animalistic’

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Kida Kudz never turns down an opportunity to speak of his persona and the impact it has. Last year, his entire discography foreshadowed his evolution, this year, with certainty about who he is, he opts for braggadocios words alluding to his capability-driven feats. 2021 debut, Animalistic, is the first sign of this growth.

Ever curt in delivery, Kida Kudz calmly distills his strengths from metaphors that cast him in the light of a resilient person despite societal structures built and sustained to dehumanize black men. He has grown a thick skin that now allows him to combat the painful effects of these structures.

In the accompanying video, the metaphors come to life, in the middle of a burning circle, the resilience his Afro Jiggy colored words indicate, come to life.

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