Kida Kudz’s Single And Freestyle Run Culminates Into Genre Defying Debut Mixtape ‘Nasty’

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After several months of music draught which according to the versatile Hip hop artist was a time of self-reflection and growth, Kida Kudz’s hiatus and single run which spanned the past eight months has culminated in a ten-track mixtape titled Nasty with the previously released Jaykae assisted 1 AM being the only single shared prior to the project’s release.

Opening with a startling acoustic rendition on the first track, Majestical, Kida Kudz explores the connection between various sounds on the mixtape which comes as a welcome surprise considering he was previously constrained to bass leaning sounds. Versatile subjects are not a problem on the project as Kida Kudz dips in and out of an un-drying well of narratives. On Big Up, Kida Kudz reimmerses himself in his signature flow and fronts his vast knowledge on charming women while he completely veers of course on 1AM which finds him iterating his redeeming qualities in a boastful manner over an unexpected Highlife leaning instrumental. His cornier side is heavily in play on the Tanika assisted Tasty Time which embraces Afropop in all its forms.

Nasty is a divergent compilation of what seems to be a positively mutated character from Kida Kudz who for the first time and on his Mixtape debut has been able to put his foot down on versatility.