Kiki Mordi investigates eviction of Tarkwa Bay residents on What Happened To Tarkwa Bay

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A little over a month after the forced eviction of residents of hundreds of people living in Tarkwa Bay, journalist, Kiki Mordi, has shared a trailer from a documentary that investigates the fallout of the forced removals.

Ms. Mordi, along with her team of cinematographers and the director, has worked on a documentary titled “What Happened To Tarkwa Bay.”

A Document Women production, “What Happened To Tarkwa Bay,” takes the viewers into the heart of the popular sheltered beach and its former inhabitants.

On Tuesday, January 23, officials of the Nigerian Navy invaded the Tarkwa Bay. The officials came to the waterfront location with one specific mission: to displace its resident community.

Residents were ordered to exit the island within the hour despite being given no notice of the proposed action. An accurate number of people displaced has not been arrived at but it is estimated that over 4500 people were affected by Tuesday’s forced evictions.

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